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Permanent Makeup

It is no secret that many women do not have the time or do not know how to apply makeup correctly. Consequently, many women are frustrated in the morning because it takes time to draw on their eyebrows. Permanent makeup solves this problem because you get to WAKE UP with makeup that is perfect all the time!

Permanent Makeup is not a replacement for makeup, but an enhancement of your features. I use soft and light colors that blend well into your skin tones. I am very conservative on the first application! Since the makeup up is permanent, you don't want a drastic look the first time. I will have you come back after 4-6 weeks for touch-ups and at that time, if you want it darker or thicker, I will do so. Extra fee will be charged if color or shape change is requested past 90 days.

Natural looking Permanent Makeup is an art that I thoroughly enjoy. My clients are like a canvas and I am honored to create a masterpiece for them!

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