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Permanent Makeup Fees & Policy

Complimentary consult
All consultations are 15 minutes & no charge (does not include brow waxing, tweezing or makeup) APPOINTMENT REQUIRED.

What permanent makeup fee covers
Permanent makeup procedure includes: consultation, medical history review, analysis of face & shape, brow or eyeliner design (or you can design your own). Pigment selection & blending, topical anesthetic before and during procedure, new sterile needle, 100% disposable supplies, digital compturized tattoo equipment, allergy patch test if highly sensitive. Before & after photos for comparison and after care kit.

I use state of the art cosmetic tattooing machine which is digital and computerized. The needle implant pigment is very precisel and the result is hardly any bruising. Few technicians use this equipment because it is expensive.

Permanent makeup is a two-step process. Many permanent artists charge higher fees upfront for 2 visit and allow 30-45 day deadline & charge extra if you come after deadline.

To make it affordable, my first visit is higher since it takes longer time and second visit is charge only when procedure is performed and I give a 90 day deadline to allow enough time for healing.

After Procedure
There will be mild swelling and tenderness in the tattooed area. It will subside within a few days. The color will be darker but will lighten during the first week of healing. Over next few weeks color will soften to a more natural look.

Second Application Appointment Touch-Up
All permanent makeup procedures need two applications for best results. A second coat of paint on anything makes that color look more vibrant and even. A second application can also correct any light areas and at this time the shape can be refined and darker pigment can be added if requested.




Brow Enhancement (for broken/sparse brow)



Brow Creation (no brows)




Upper & Lower Lash Enhancement



Upper Liner (base & top)



Upper & Lower Eyelids - Thick Lines



* Wings or Extended Lines Extra




Lip Liner Only



Lip Liner and Blend


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Sunday appointments can be arranged in advance.

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