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What is Permanent Makeup?
It is a non-surgical procedure known as permanent makeup. It is a cosmetic tattooing of the facial features to enhance color and improve shape. This process is also called micropigmentation, intradermal cosmetics or dermaimplant.

How Permanent Makeup can help you
When applied correctly by well-trained technician permanent cosmetic can enhance your appearance and life style.

  • Save time and money by not having to apply makeup everyday.
  • Look fresh with color when you wake up in the morning, travel or go camping.
  • Prevent makeup smudges when you shower, exercise or swim.
  • Stop struggling to pencil eyebrows and eyeliner when you cannot see without your glasses.
  • Avoid uneven lines and re-do’s – if you have unsteady hands. You can enjoy beautiful hassle free makeup every day.

Is Permanent Makeup really permanent?
Permanent Makeup is permanent since you cannot wash it off. With time the procedure may fade but the shape will always be there and you can come for fresh color touch up in few years.

How much can expect to spend?
You can expect to spend from $300-$3000 depending on technician experience, location, etc.

Is it safe?
Permanent cosmetics have come a long way pigments and equipment are very safe but if you are highly sensitive, a patch test is necessary.

Is it painful?
Expect nominal discomfort. We have good topicals to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

Can I resume normal activities?
When you schedule your appt you should keep social plans in mind. Although there is no down time the tattoo area will be darker first week and you wont be able to wear makeup.

What if I don’t like it?
Though Permanent Makeup is permanent if you don’t’ like the outcome slight changes in color and shape can be made. It is important that you put your makeup on the way you like it the day of the procedure and explain to the technician what you like and what you really want.



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